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Iron Harvest is a Real-Time Strategy made on the basis of Jakub Różalski’s artworks. The setting tells us about the alternative history. In this reality the World War has three factions fighting each other on various maps across the world. The special part about this is that each of them has human-like dieselpunk robots. The players are able to pick one of the sides, each with its unique units and very special features. All of the actions are performed in real time, so you will embrace the fascinating fights of huge robots fighting each other under the fire of your armies.

Iron Harvest allows you to choose one of the campaigns dedicated to one of the factions: Rusviet, Polania Republic, and Saxony Empire, with their own goals and ambitions. And, of course, unique infantry and robot types. The players will be able to test their skills in multiplayer and cooperative modes, over 40 units, and many-many more!

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