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Jakub Różalski, also known as Mr.Werewolf, is a graphic designer from Poland. Co-founder of the projects «World of 1920+» and «Wolfpack-1863». Currently lives in Hamburg, Germany. The artist was born in Polish province. That fact affected his entire art style. Nevertheless Jakub lives and works in big cities, he still experiences nostalgia for the countryside landscapes. His motherland, its panoramas, and history play an important role in his work, as in his mind he always returns to national and historic motifs of Poland.

Another key-characteristic of his artworks is robots. It originates from his childhood, when the “Star Wars” franchise was launched. One of the scenes with robots battling each other left a lasting impression to him. The excitement about the SW-saga made him fall in love with the entire Sci-Fi genre. On the other hand, the World War II and the conflict between Russia and Poland (1919-1921) impressed the artist incredibly. This is the main reason why the scenarios of his paintings are filled with historic dramas. He just transfers his experiences to his art.

Jakub’s career started with the classic tools: pencils and sheets of paper. As he confesses, his favourite artists who had the biggest effect on him were the famous polish creators of XIX — Józef Marian Chełmoński and Ignacy Aleksander Gierymski. Obviously, they were the adepts of the classical style. He made his first steps in learning design software only at the peak of his career.

Jakub Różalski is married and considers his family the most important part of his life. And apparently it became the main reason for him to go from classical art to graphics editing, as software simplifies the entire process of painting and decreases the time required for work. It allows Jakub to spend more time with his family.

Różalski’s unique artstyle is distinctive not only for people from Poland, Germany, and Europe itself. In the United States, for example, Jakub was invited to develop the new film about King-Kong. Besides, he participated in the creation of an American tabletop game. You can visit Różalski’s exhibitions in several European countries including Germany and Italy.


The head motif of Jakub’s art is a crossing of several time dimensions: past, present, and future. Robots are accompanied by knights, fantastical creatures, and historical characters. The magic here is that the most contradictory things you can think of unite, creating an elegant and native combination, and you accidentally start believing the worlds he creates.

Of course, there are other distinctive features we should name. In the matter of style we may see cold and pastel shades, usual for realistic artwork. Experts also note that the artist prefers static shapes: his works are not dynamic, the moment they represent is frozen. However, Jakub doesn’t comment these assumptions. He claims he does what and how he feels is right. Everything that he loves — nature, animals, and the landscapes of his homeland - finds its place in his art.

Sometimes he repeats oneself. For example, Vojtek bear that became the main character of a series of arts. This is the real bear which was taken from Iran and soon “joined” Polish army. The artist is proud to say that lots of people from all around the world learnt about this famous animal only because of his arts. There are other characters moving from one painting to another. For example, he has two good friends from different parts of the globe that sometimes meet each other: a viking and a samurai.

His artistic journey continues and sometimes gets amazing twists. Jakub is open for business and willing to work on games, films, and other projects. The artist himself is excited to see the stories he creates develop. He asks junior artists to be honest with themselves. As Rosalski states, anyone consistent with oneself will definitely become successful.

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